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One thing that makes Indian history too much interesting is the political scenario here over the centuries. There is too much volatile scene in the political history of india that must be understood for better assessment of Indian history. The indian history congress preserves many such facts which can be studied for further understanding. The role of rajputs in indian history needs detailed evaluation as they had had extremely rich impact.

The efforts of indian history congress has brought many revealing factors before us. We are now in the position to get detailed description of the contribution of the rajputs in indian history. This factor is the one side of the coin. One can still concentrate on many other elements of the political history of india for better evaluation. Do practice that and feel the difference in your knowledge level.

The only requirement is how things are evaluated and what procedure is made applicable in that evaluation. Make sure that the descriptions about the initiatives and roles of rajputs in indian history are explained better. Every factor associated with the political history of india should be evaluated further. The indian history congress guides the researchers further about the roles played by different groups in the making of Indian history.

The political history of india describes about hundreds of rulers who had been ruling different parts of the country over the ages. Complete list of the regional kings and those that brought all such regions together is also beforehand. It couldn't be possible without the pivotal role of the indian history congress. We are also aware of the dedication and commitment of rajputs in indian history. It demands thorough study though.

Role of rajputs in indian history would always be remembered. Their bravery and dedication have already been immortalized in the ancient, medieval and modern political history of india. There is good scope for maximum exploration when it comes to delving into own past. Do practice it for your own benefit.

Today indian history congress has been summing up every such details to ensure that Indian history is understood in a most simplistic manner. 

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